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Hi, I have a 93 Grand Am (fuel injected, automatic) for the last few months, every once in a while while it will have a hard time accelerating, and feels like the engine is skipping (like it wants to stall), it hasn't stalled yet, but it feels kind of jerky when it does happen, mainly when idling at stoplights etc. I've tried fuel injector cleaner, same thing is still happening. This only used to happen every once in a while, it seems to be happening much more often. I don't know if this makes any difference but i've only had the car a little under a year, and it sat for a few months in a garage before i bought it. I had heard that carbon can buildup on the fuel injector tips causing this. Any suggestions on how to clean the fuel injector tips? Or what the best possible way to fix this? Any info would be greatly appreciated.


posted by  girl_canada

Great. First you need to introduce yourself in the appropriate section. Wouldn't you find it rude if someone just walked up to you and blurted out a question? We do.

posted by  vwhobo

didn't mean to offend. i'm new to the site, just looking for help

posted by  girl_canada

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