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yesterday had my nissan primera 1999 fully serviced at the main dealer. When i got home i realised the led dashboard display that shows the time, mileage and temperature had frozen. Went back today to complain and they say nothing they did could have caused that. They will check it over monday. Fact is it was working when it went in and not working went i got it back. I disconnected the battery to see if i could reboot it so to speak and now the display has gone totally. So, do i stand my ground and insist they did something? Is it possible its sheer coincidence? Any ideas on whats happened?



posted by  bert

Hey Bert, Ernie here. In our little forum before we start asking for help, we introduce ourselves in the appropriate section. Just like in real life except for the appropriate section thing.

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not sure what you mean by introduce myself in the appropriate section? sounds interesting though... :thumbs:

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thanks for all your help. Its been enlightening. Funny, i tried this question is a pc forum and got 8 helpful replies. Oh well. Good luck and dont forget to introduce yourself in some appropriate forum. Whatever that means. You sure you actually have a forum here?

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no this isnt a forum, people just post here and we make nonsense replies that nobody understands, in fact this is just a useless waste of space. kinda like you!!! :thumbs: :banghead: :banghead: :screwy:

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good luck guys!!!


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