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I know, I sound like a girl...describing a problem with my car as a humming noise. But thats why I came here, I don't know what else to call it! So nevermind about the girly part!

Anyway, I have a 1991 Ford Festiva. Front wheel drive. I noticed some time ago that there is a humming, or rubbing sound coming from the rear of my car. It is most noticable during a highway drive. I've had it since I got the car a couple of years ago. I did take it to a mechanic, but he didn't know what was wrong either.

So I got the rear bearings replaced, got a wheel alignment, new tires, and the shocks checked and a whole new muffler from the manifold back.

I do alot of highway driving, so I get worried that a wheel is going to fall of or something. Any thoughts? Maybe its just the sound my car makes? It is a hatch back, and maybe my car isn't very sound proof?
I will value any opinion! :ugh

posted by  fortunot

It sounds like a worn wheel bearing, but if you've had them replaced they're clearly not at fault lol. Might sound silly, but are the correct size tyres on the car? I mean, maybe the wrong width could affect this? I've never had to work on a car whereby this was a problem, but there's a first time for everything I guess. Again, with the tyres, are they directional? you'll notice that directional tyres have an arrow on them, if the tyre's moving in the wrong direction, this could cause problems. That's all I can think of, unless something's rubbing? To be honest, a good Mechanic shouldn't find it that difficult to pinpoint the fault during a road test...

posted by  Cliffy

Thanks Cliff. I checked the tires, and they are the right ones, and they're not directional.
I think I'll take it to a mechanic next week. It could quite possibly be the bearings need to be replaced. But, when I had them replaced before, I knew because the hubs felt hot after driving for a while. Now, the hubs are normal to touch.
Anyway, I will take it to somebody and hope it doesn't cost me a small fortune!

posted by  fortunot

No Probs, Cindy. You knew they needed replacing before because of the hub getting hot? were they noisy? Still, have the Garage check em out again as if they need replacing the hubs might not get hot, but they should sound rough, keep us informed!

posted by  Cliffy

Thanks for the help Cliffy. My brother is going to take my car to his mechanic buddy. My brother took the car for a drive and thinks that maybe one of my brakes in the rear isn't releasling all the way. He wasn't too sure though, so he will take it to someone who should be able to pinpoint the problem. To top it all off, when my brother pulled into my driveway, he pulled up on the emergency brake and the cable snapped. He figures it is only a thirty dollar part, and he will put it in for me, no charge. He felt bad, but it just happened that way. Also, as if I don't have enough trouble, my car is leaking antifreeze. Its not coming from the rad, or the hoses up top. It is leaking near the axcel by the passenger side front. :doh: I told my brother to fix what they can for two hundred dollars or less. If it will cost more than that, I will have to borrow from someone. But the mechanic buddy charges 1/2 the shop rate of a regular garage, and my brother gets parts for 40 percent off retail.
Cross your fingers for me!

posted by  fortunot

*crosses fingers* lol

Judging by how your Handbrake cable snapped as your Brother parked in the driveway, I'm inclined to think this might be related to your 'humming' noise, if the cable was partially siezed on, this might, as your Brother suggested, cause the humming sound. Just an educated guess mind you, without driving it, it's not an accurate diagnosis. Good luck at the garage!

posted by  Cliffy

I have a 90 Ford F 250 that I plow snow with. I've notice that when the truck is still or parked there's a humming noise coming fron the transfer case or transmission. When I tap the gas pedal it goes away. What seems to be going on here?

ryno   01 Mar 2012 01:51

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