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Hi! How is everyone? I am in dire need of help with my '89 Jetta. The rear passenger window will not stay up, it has to be pushed up manually, and when I am driving, it slides down. The window crank will turn, but does not control the window. This happened a couple of days ago when my sister was trying to roll the windown down and got something stuck in it. I got it out, but now my window won't work. My boyfriend knows what's wrong with it and will help, but only if I do his geography homework due soon and I refuse. I did his English homework last semester. I don't want him to get accustomed to that trend. I don't need his stinkin help. Just strangers. Just kidding Please help me Thank you

posted by  vwcabbychick90

Without seeing the car and taking off the door panel I can only give you an educated guess. Even if I'm correct with the info, you still have to find a way to perform the repair. My first thought is that the window has come detatched from the regulator. The second is that the regulator cable has broken. Either way you're going to have to remove the door panel and the plastic barrier to see inside the door to figure it out.

Honestly I think you'd be better off doing his homework, if he can really fix it. Look at it as the American way, supply and demand, bartering, etc. On the other hand if he takes it apart and can't fix it, you still have his homework done and can sell it to him for what it will cost you to take it to a shop to be repaired.

posted by  vwhobo

I appreciate the honest advice. He definitely can fix it. He does everything for my car and has purchased a 91 cabby convertible for me and dropped it and put an exhaust on it, put in some really nice seats and did all of the motor stuff. Once it is done, I will buy it from him and it isn't going to cost much. We have been dating for almost 3 years and I have the utmost confidence in him. It is just that I want to show him that I can be independent even though asking you questions isn't exactly independent.

posted by  vwcabbychick90

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