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Hey, figured my first post after the name change would be a question (test vwhobo see if hes still got it :laughing: ) OK the problem is this: my 1980 vw rabbit conv. makes a hollow knocking sound and sutters when i slow down. under accseleration the sound stops, but as soon as i take my foot off the gas it starts up again, clutch in or out makes no differance. The faster im going the louder and more frequent the thumping/shuttering gets. Theres no change under braking and no shutter in the pedal. threres no noise when the car is stationary and the engine is reved. so is the problem drivetrain related? brakes CV joints wheel bearings? i havent had it up on the hoist yet so, for all i know it could be a dead cat stuck in there somewhere lol, but i doubt that. Im thankfull for any imput in advance, cuz if i have to walk my lazy ass to work at 6:00am one more day im gonna lose it!

posted by  Killer_Cabrio

You are going to need to get the front end of the car off of the ground or put the car on a lift and check. My initial thoughts are either bad CV joints or wear in the transaxle/differential case.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

Since you've been gone for so long, I'll answer your question with information I've gained in the time you were gone. Then I'll try to use my meager knowledge to help you.

1. Your car is a VW and they're all junk so it's your fault for buying it.

2. Your car isn't American made so it's your fault for buying it.

3. See #2, insert the word Japanese.

4. Start at the front bumper and replace everything with new parts until the noise goes away.

5. Never slow down, it's for pussies.

6. Keep driving it until you have a catastrophic failure then the fault will be easier to find.

Or, take a look at everything you mentioned plus the lower control arm bushings and ball joints. From your description I'd call it wheel bearings but they usually first make noise while turning. Good luck, I hope 1-6 helped.

posted by  vwhobo

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