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i have an 89 taurus sho and the transmission went so it sat in the driveway for months. After i had finally purchased another transmission i went to start the car and the fuel pump had no response, so i changed it and still no reponse. the fuel pump has approx. 5 volts going to it. i aslo checked the fuel pump shut off switch and the old fuel pump and both had continuety. I also tried a new ignition module and that did nothing. it makes a weird click noise when i turn the key on/off auxilary. also when the key is turned to auxilary the parking lights turn on, and it never did that.

posted by  sho89

First we'll go with an assumption or two because you chose not to provide the information. We'll assume the battery is fully charged and in good shape. We'll assume both the battery cables are in good condition and are properly connected. And we'll assume this problem didn't exist before you worked on it.

Based on those assumptions the problem was caused by the work that was performed on the car i.e. transaxle R&R. So what can we damage or forget to reinstall during this job. Well, there are alot of things that could be damaged so I won't even venture a guess. What might we have not hooked up. Your particular car has I think seven ground wires that are attathed to the engine/trans assembly with bellhousing bolts. If any of those aren't secure you will have the problem you describe. Take a look and I'll almost guarantee you'll find your problem. Much cheaper than a fue pump replacement I might ad.

posted by  vwhobo

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