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My mazda 626 car tyres allways get really dirt and brake dust tends to stick to them, could anyone suggest a way of making them sparkle using a home made forumula or something??

Couldanyone suggest some tips for selling a secobd hands car?? Such as polish it, etc...

Thanks 4 ur help in advance!!

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posted by  Hizp

1. Hand brush, dish soap.

2. Advertise.

posted by  BavarianWheels

I'm wondering how many miles a 13 year old can put on his car to get it dirty.

Ditto what Bav said.

posted by  vwhobo

A handbrush and dish soap like BavarianWheels said can make a good a start. I don't know of any homemade formulas but there are plenty of products out there.

I’ll take you through possibly the best valeting procedure: -
1. Before you start, take everything out of or/and off the car that shouldn’t be there when it gets sold.
Take out the mats before beating and vacuuming them. They’re then ready to be shampooed and vacuumed again before being left to dry.
2. Spray the car with a high-pressure jet, including inside the wheel arches.
3. What sort of wheels do you have?
4. Shampoo the car.
5. Blast the car off again.
6. Scrape the excess water off the car with a squeegee.
7. Dry the car off with a piece of chammy leather.
8. Use a cloth to wipe the inside of the doors around the edges and the doorframes.
8. Apply polish the windows on the inside.
9. Apply some shine to the tyres. There are sprays that don't cost much.
10. Buff the polish off the inside of the windows.
11. Vacuum the interior.
12. Shampoo the upholstery. You can get upholstery spray as well, which is useful on extra grimey parts or/and stains. It’s best to vacuum each section as you go e.g. shampoo the driver’s seat and then vacuum it before going on to the passenger seat.
13. Spray and wipe all the plastic parts in the interior with the suitable cockpit cleaner.
14. Apply the suitable agent to any black plastics on the exterior e.g. shoe shine, “back to black” etc.
15. Apply polish to the windows and the body and then buff the polish off.
16. Place the mats back on the carpet and place paper down on top of the mats.

Note: you'll need different shampoos for the exterior and upholstery and different polish for the windows and body. Some steps might need to be repeated i.e. vacuuming the wet mats and shampooing and spraying the upholstery.

You can use a steam cleaner for lots of things as well. If you need any more details then just ask.

A thanks after helpful replies rather than before is preferred.

posted by  snoopewite

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As far as cleaning the wheels and tires, a scrub brush and detergent is about the only real way. I will sometimes use a can of scouring powder (i.e. Ajax, Comet, etc.) on my whitewalls but not on my cast aluminum wheels.

In most states in the US, I thought you had to be eighteen to legally hold the title to a car due to the financilal responsibilities issues.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

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posted by  snoopewite

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posted by  tbaxleyjr

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