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hello, i have a 97 ford taurus GL with power everything, 4 doors, auto, and V6 (sedan).

my problem is that the keyless remote which has the lock/unlock doors on it, the panic button and a trunk open button, does not work. i've replaced the battery, and it still did not work. Unfortunately, since this is a used car, i do not know the history of the vehicle. is there anything i can try to do to fix the remote, short of going to a ford dealership?

posted by  soloman02

I can tell you this system is hard enough to diagnose when you can see the car. Make sure the new battery is installed correctly, check to make sure the fuse in the fuse panel isn't missing or blown, and if those are good you'll pretty much have to have someone look at it.

Just out of curiosity, why does a teenager need remote locks and trunk? How about just using the key like in the olden days.

posted by  vwhobo

Do you realize how funny and sad this is ?

I was with my daughter a few weeks ago for a short shopping trip ( in her vehicle ) We returned to her car, she pulled out the key/remote ( I have never seen her open the door with a key ) I asked what would you do if the battery in your remote went dead, she said "I don't know"! I laughed my ass off, and she was really embarassed, till she realized she could use the key for other than the ignition. Our kids have turned technology against themselves :doh:

HOW LAZY CAN WE GET :orglaugh: Hey, I can laugh at myself and anyone else and I do. :laughing:

Damn, I forgot what this thread was about! :oops: You replaced the battery in your remote, right? It's lost it's memory. Look in your owners manual, it will tell you how to reprogram the remote. Usually, you will have to have the remote within a few inches of the ignition switch and cycle the switch on and off up to eight times, without starting the vehicle.

posted by  lectroid

I agree 100%. Figure this one out for me. How many people have you seen with a remote for their car stereo, velcro'd to the dash right next to the stereo? When they change channels they grab the remote to do it. Twice as much work as just operating the stereo, but it looks cool. :laughing: :roll:

posted by  vwhobo


posted by  lectroid

I would've used it while steaming up the windows from the back seat. :laughing:

posted by  BavarianWheels

I didn't find any fuse that was directly connected to the keyless remote( in name) but there was a fuse missing. i'm having my dad look at it when he comes home, but could that fuse be the culprit? it is labeled as 20A RHD PWR Lck.

ok, i had my dad look at it and he said that there are no metal connectors for a fuse to come in contact with. also, i have power locks, and they work. I have read that you can enter program mode by turning the key 5 times from off to run within 10 seconds. but i can't seem to enter that mode. oh, and the manual only said how to program the keyless entry system that has numbers on the door. It, didn't tell me how to program a remote.

posted by  soloman02

Hello, i use to have a ford taurus a few years back anyway, I found a copy on how to reprogram your keyless remote. Try this:

Cycle ignition from OFF to RUN or ACC five (5) times within ten (10) seconds, ending in RUN. All doors will lock then unlock to confirm programming mode. Press any button on 1st remote transmitter. Door locks will cycle to confirm programming. Press any button on 2nd transmitter (up to 4 total transmitters possible). Turn ignition to OFF. The door locks will lock then unlock to confirm programming. NOTE: Escort/Tracer with single door remote entry systems will cycle the driver's door lock only. (These instructions came directly from Ford: Article No. 97-24-13)

Good luck.

posted by  buzzbie

If what buzzbie said doesn't work, try this. http://v6mustang.com/readmore.php?artnum=29 I wrote this article when I programmed my keyless entry remote a couple of weeks ago (my car was a repo and didn't come with one) There's a small chance it could work if Ford used the same stuff as in the Taurus (my mustang is a 97 as well) and then again there's a large chance it won't work. Worth a shot though right? Check and see if you have the gray piece, if you do I'll bet it will work.

posted by  Black232Mustang

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