Heating control Decals?????Please help.

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I am in the middle of doing my escort up with wood trim. The problem is where the heating/ac/vent controls are is going to be covered in wood. I have searched for many hours looking for those symbols in decal and/or sticker form. Cant find them anywhere (locally either). I need to get them before i can finish the wood trim, and its really annoying being held up by a fricken sticker!
The ones i need are identical to the ones in the pic (i need em all, but especially the ones that say which vents are being used)

Anyway if anyone knows anyone anywhere please please let me know...


posted by  Kyles escort

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posted by  vwhobo

ok sorry just read.

It is a 1999 4 door ford escort LX, came stock with radio. I just installed the cd kit/harness. the decals around the controlls (hot/cold, Lo - - - Hi, And which vents are goin [ie. head, feet, windshield, ac etc]). I dont think they are different from other makes, if they are im not picky. As long as i get the little arrows pointing at the guys head/feet/windshield im happy. They dont even have to be stickers, as long as it is white and the background is transparent.


posted by  Kyles escort

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