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I have a honda civic 2001, I normally start the car and put the vehicle in drive and the daytime running lights initate.Now , when I start the car put the vehicle in drive then the drl lights on dashboard goes on and off and also there is a buzzing sound originated from the dashboard, to stop both from happening I need to turn on my headlights and everything is fine.I took the glove compartment out and there is two switches for the daytime running lights,the buzzing is coming from the one of the two switches.I was told that there is a daytime running light relay under the dashboard by the drivers side.My question is what is causing the buzzing..i was told that it was the relay located under the drivers side dashboard. The other question is if I replace the daytime running light relay could I use a 2001-2006 relay or should I have to use a 2001 one..thanks to everyone's response..thanks

posted by  therock

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