Mazda won't start in cold or wet

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1989 Mazda 323. Fuel injected, not turbo.
I was driving it along when it suddenly cut out. I had my wife come and we tried to jump start it. After several attempts it finally started, but as soon as I pushed down on the gas, it died.
The Chilton book said to try the fuel pump, so I replaced it. (I also replaced the plugs.)
Now I have a really hard time getting it to start if the weather is cold, or wet, but once it does start, it runs fine all day long.
Weather = cold & dry -> won't start
Weather = cold & wet -> won't start
Weather = warm & wet -> won't start
Weather = warm & dry -> STARTS!!!
(Unfortunatly I live in Seattle so it is wet a large percentage of the time.)

I pulled one plug, put it back in the cable, set it on the top of the engine and had my daughter turn it over. I did see spark.

I think it is a fuel problem, but I cannot figure how temperature would affect that.

posted by  ransomv

when was the last time it had a tune up?

posted by  glagon1979

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