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I have a 1995 Chevrolet Cavalier 2.2. It is standard as well. My problem is everytime I make left a turn, my car vibrates and makes pretty loud buzzing sound. The faster I go the more it vibrates and gets louder. It happens even when i just slightly turn left because of a curve on the road. If someone could find out what the problem is with my car, IT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRICIATED

posted by  lil_jojo

Sounds like your Off-Side Front (O/S/F) wheel bearing, this is probably noisy most of the time, just more so when turning left as the weight is all pushed to the O/S, hence why it's alot louder! Could be the rear one, but more than likely the front, could be both lol. Best thing to do is lift the car with a jack and spin the wheels, listening carefully for a rumbling sound! :thumbs:

Note; This all stands correct unless you haven't described your problem correctly and the noise is actually a clicking sound, in which case it's probably a CV joint lol (assuming Cavy's are Front Wheel they are another car that never made it here...well, they did, only completely different lol)

posted by  Cliffy

I will give that a try. Also I was told I needed to replace my ball joint on my front left side. Would that have anything to do with it? If so how much work is it to change ball joint on your own?

posted by  lil_jojo

couldnt it also be low transmission fluid or his lug nuts arnt tight???



The transmission would whine/grind etc constantly, rather than when steering :thumbs:

A worn ball joint would knock. Although extreamly close in distance to the componants that appear to be giving you problems, I'd say the two aren't related, as the two do very different things :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

I would say it is the CV joint, and you should check it out easily. Can you move the wheel easily by pulling it and pushing it even when it is on the ground. You might want to turn the wheel to the extreme side so the left, so if the car was moving you would turn left moving forward. Do you see the rubber casing torn or worn out? Then that is your problema nd needs to be changed urgently, because if it breaks your wheel could fall off, and repairs would be more expensive.

Hope that helps.


posted by  automan

I would agree with Cliffy. Most likely a wheel bearing. Speaking from experience. More noise at higher speed and with a greater load on the bearing.

posted by  968racer

I'm curious as to how you've come to that diagnosis, judging from the info he provided, a wheel bearing is clearly the obvious problem, the only way it would be a CV joint would be if the info he supplied wasn't entirely correct, as I stated earlier! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

if it is the wheel bearing how would i go to repairing that? is it a hard job or a do it yourself?

posted by  lil_jojo

Front wheel bearings can be harder to replace than rear ones, however, it isn't the hardest job in the world! I've never worked on this car so the setup might be different than what I'm used to. You'll need access to a bearing press (usually), so I'd advise taking it to a garage!

posted by  Cliffy

what if i dont get it repaired? are there any other problems that can get caused from not repiaring it?

posted by  lil_jojo

It certainly wont get any better, just keep getting worse, untill eventually it'll break up under imense heat and possibly cause your wheel to lock up....causing an accident. I'm not sure what tests cars go through for road worthyness over there...but it certainly wont pass!

posted by  Cliffy

I take it we have eliminated low power steering fluid levels?

posted by  Wally

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