I accidentaly turned my car into a boat, and now I have water in my engine, HELP OUT!

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Ok, so heres what happened. I'll skip the legistics and tell you all that I drove my 98 Toyota Camry (V4 Engine) into a puddle about 1 inch or less above the bottom of the door :banghead: The car stalled, and I tried turning it on again. I have read this is a bad idea, and I don't remember a signifigant pop or crack which I now know would be a rod dropping, but there could have been, I'm not 100% sure. My car wouldnt start up any more after this, so I put it in neutral, which caused water to get in the car because I had to open the door, and pushed it as far as i could back. Eventually I got towed and now the car is in my garage. After some searching the internet and the help of some friends, I took out the air intake tubes and they are drying, along with the air filter. The spark plugs have been taken out too and they are drying and I put a piece of paper over the holes so they wouldn't get anythign in them. So you know, the spark plug chambers are about 4 or so inches deep to the actual sprk plug top. In a day or so, we will try cranking the engine so that water will come out (hopefully). My electrical sytem and whatnot is still good, and the floors have been cleaned of any puddled water. The rugs are still wet, but everythign is drying.

So, any suggestions on what I should do, how I know if my engine is completely shot, what the next steps I should take are greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

posted by  ghen


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posted by  vwhobo

i dont really know what to say but.... wow... sorry

posted by  mazda6man

I'm affraid your engine is dead. Entering water inside the engine could have deformed the interior parts (i.e. crakshaft,... --one of these days i'll translate one text about a guy that had water entering his TDI engine through the air filter because of the rain).

In any case, next time you drive through a puddle use one like this: http://es.wikipedia.org/upload/9/95/Balseros.jpg

posted by  karburator

Had the exact same experience with a 94 toyota pickup 22R 5speed, and like you my first instinct was to restart the engine.....then I took the exact same steps you are now taking.....the engine ran afterwards with a slight tap...then about two weeks later my engine blows metal chunks all over the freeway, I wish you the best of luck :wink2: .

The actual diagnosis was that the number 4 cylinder threw a rod through the block and the toyota dealership tech said it wasnt the first time he had seen this exact senario. Wish I had rebuilt it before I needed a whole new engine. Hope this post helped you.

posted by  Cantesoleares

I would suggest if the engine turns over and the water comes out to take a small oil can and squirt a little Marvel Mystery oil into each cylinder. This will help control any rust in the cylinders.

Also i would dump my motor oil as soon as you think the engine will make it and replace the filter.

posted by  hitchhiker

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