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My car is suffering from what i like to call "Blanket top". the fabric that is on the ceiling of the car is no longer stuck to the roof and is hanging down. i was woundering if there was a cheap easy way i could fix this.

posted by  Mad Hatter IX

It cannot be easily fixed. It is not a glue that is failing, it is the foam itself that is breaking down. If you reapply the cloth using something like spray glue (I tried several), the foam just separates again (in as little as a few days).

posted by  BengalTigger

I tried several glues and had the best luck with Super77 spray glue (but it is really messy). However, it is NOT the glue that is the problem. The foam is deteriorating and if you reglue the fabric to that deteriorated foam, the foam just separates again (in as little as a few days time).
You can buy additional plastic supports to hold it up in critical areas, or you can purchase replacements for some makes.

posted by  BengalTigger

Staples.... work very well kind of unsightly tho....

posted by  93TaurusOwner

Your'e going to have to buy new liner fabric and it shouldn't be very expensive. Also, spray glue and remove the headliner backer and clean it. It helps alot to have two people when gluing and reinstalling the liner.

posted by  lectroid

Hello, remember when the cars had a chrome strip across the head linner,but that had to cost money ,darn cheap factorys ,Give you a idea :doh: Slim

posted by  Slimone

It will take work. Remove all interior trim that surrounds/holds in the headliner base. The base is likely a fiberboard/heavy cardboard looking thing, and you want to keepp it in one piece. Remove it from the car, and see if you can strip off the old liner and foam cleanly. If you think this will not happen then see if you can flip it over and just use it upside down (if it fits that way). Then use 3M super 77 spray glue to adhere a new piece of fabric to the base (with or without foam padding. Your choice). Do all this glueing outside the car and well away from anything you remotely care about. Mask or use dropcloths on anything in question. And do not do this on anything but a calm windless day if outdoors. The overspray will get all over the place and I would not wish that mess on you. Spray both surfaces (fabric and base) and work evenly & smooth down the fabric well when putting it on the base. It will not come up again, so you have but ONE chance to do this. Work slow, be careful, have an extra pair of hands to help if only for holding the fabric out of your way while you smooth it down while applying it.
Wear gloves. Shake the can often. I work with Super 77 everyday. Trust me.

posted by  fieraci

i remember a thread that was started about 3-4 months ago with the same title.. u might want to search for it. it had great answers to it.

posted by  Ki2AY

My mom bought a 2003 Malibu new last year, and had a sunroof installed before she picked it up, and the ceiling fabric was hanging :-X

posted by  ThirdeYe

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