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Greetings. I have 94 and a half Thunderbird, 3.8L V6, two door. It is not supercharged. About a year and a half ago the pulley on the front of the a/c compressor started locking up periodically. This would cause it to throw the belt. Not to mention the headaches caused by this happening to my wife. Anyway, we had the compressor replaced and everything was fine until about a month ago. It's doing it again. :ohcrap: Does anyone have an idea why this is happening? Is it okay to drive the car with the electrical disconnected from the compressor? I was told it would cost around 750 dollars to replace the compressor again. Is there another alternative?

posted by  astrofan2001

I don't even know if this is happening when the A/C is on or off. I also don't know if you replaced the old compressor with a new, reman or used one. I also don't know if anything else was done to the system when it was replaced. I'll give you one guess why I don't know and I'll be happy to try to help when I do.

posted by  vwhobo

It was replaced with a remanufactured compressor. It does not have to be running for it to lock up although it is more likely to happen if the a/c is on.

posted by  astrofan2001

Can anyone at least tell me if it is okay to drive this car with the a/c electrical disconnected? Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

posted by  astrofan2001

The whole ac system is contaminated. It is common in fords because of the type of condenser used. It is referred to as "Black Death". Hope noone else encounters this problem.

posted by  astrofan2001

What kind of contamination is this?

posted by  tbaxleyjr

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