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Hello everyone,

I just joined the site today, and have some questions for those of you who are more knowledgeable about this kind of stuff than I am .

I just bought a used 2000 neon ES. It runs perfect, but there's just a couple of random electrical glitches I can't figure out, if any of you can help that would most appreciated.

1. where the hell do you get a replacement bulb for the domelight? I've checked autozone, checker auto parts, orielly and the mopar website. No one seems to be able to get the bulb or even have a part number for it. The number t5-579 is listed on the inside of the enclosure as the bulb replacement number. BUT none of the people I have talked to have any idea what that is or what it's interchangeable with.

2. For some reason the chime keeps going off and a message above my odometer saying "door", then ¨fuse" . I know all the doors(trunk included) are closed, and the all of the fuses( both the ones in the dash and in the box near the engine) seem to be fine( I don't know how to check the solid black opaque ones though).

3. Then there's the fog lamps, they don't turn on. I have'nt pulled out the bulbs and checked those yet. But if they aren't dead, any ideas what the problem could be ?

Any advice/suggestions/help/ etc/ would be very very much appreciated. Thanks in advance

posted by  redmercury34

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posted by  vanyaviper

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