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Hey guys...

I have a 1991 F150, 300, which shut off on me three times in just a few minutes while driving down the road. After the third shut off, everything that should have happened when I turn the ignition didn't. Headlights and cargo lights worked, but nothing on the dash. We narrowed it down to a possible problem with the ignition module (correct me if this sounds incorrect). There has been some speculation about the fuel filter, but I don't see this effecting anything electrical in the dash, and it doesn't even try to work when I turn the ignition. Not to mention I've suffered several "fuel filter breakdowns" in the past and this was nothing like that.
I dove into the problem myself, seeing as my mechanic is out of town for a month and I dont have the money to pay for a towing + some expensive mechanic. And it seemed like it would be easy to fix.
However, I found that the ignition module was placed just so that I couldn't reach the two screws that hold it in place on the distributor. I was told it might be necessary to remove the distributor altogether, but I was also told that that is not necessary and I should be able to take the distributor bolt and clamp off, rotate it, and remove the module when it was in a better location.
So, I guess my question number one is: Has anyone changed the ignition module on a similar model vehicle, and if so, how?

Question number two: I removed a bolt from the right, rear side of the distributor, which I thought was the clamp I should have been able to loosen and rotate it. However, I couldn't do that. The "clamp" appears to have a U-shaped metal piece inserted into it, and I can't tell if I'm supposed to be able to remove this metal piece or not... Or, even better, how DO you remove (or rotate) the distributor?

And YES, I have marked everything I can up to this point to ensure the proper reinstallation of the distributor if I need to remove and replace it.
Thank you!


posted by  belle

Did a quick search at MSN autos. This may help
1991 Ford F150

Occasional problems on this vehicle are failures of the Fuel Pressure Regulator, the Fuel Pump and the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve. Failure of the Fuel Pressure Regulator or the Fuel Pump may prevent the vehicle from starting.

Edit: Sorry, jumped the gun. didn't see your actual question until already posted.

posted by  Lizard King 6B

first- check to see if you have spark. if not chances are it the ignition mod. they are not hard to change. you should be able to turn the dist. to be able to get to the bolts, it just might be siezed and you may need to "knock" it free. just be carefull in doing so, i have broken one in the past.
second- if you do have spark its a fuel issue (pump, clogged filter, pressure reg.)

posted by  glagon1979

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