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The coolent just started leaking out of what seems to be an overflow hose from the firewall.....I replaced the thermostat, but the problem is still there...it don't over heat and the temp stays around 150, but the coolent just runs out of this hose when I turn the car off and drips alot when it runs.
Can't find a problem..

posted by  jackson98

Most folks on this forum prefer you introduce yourself in the introduce yourself section first. If you do that, you will more than likely get an answer

posted by  tbaxleyjr

I looked and it was the heater core leaking out of the air conditioning drian, instead of onto the floor (like normal)...........Thanks alot for all the "help"......What is this a cult or somthing? You people are screwed up.......why in the hell do you need to know my whole personal story, to answer a post?

posted by  jackson98

Nope...a simple "hello" properly placed would suffice.

Boy, what is it with all the hostility in suggesting some proper intro etiquette? Do you simply walk up to a group of strangers and blurt out a question and expect help? Not much of a difference here.

posted by  BavarianWheels

No this ain't a cult. Some forums have their own protocols as to how they wish to do business

posted by  tbaxleyjr

See up at the top of the page where it says "Read this before posting".

It means that you should read it before posting.

posted by  hitchhiker

I did read it......and it is still stupid! This is a message board, found on a search engine, I had a topic and ya'll are jackasses about stuff.....If i cruise on a message board and see a question I know how to work out, i answer it.....I don't need to know the person...thier life story....or even a simple "HI"(as ya'll put it) I just post a reply to help out a brother.....SIMPLE.

posted by  jackson98

I think they should get rid of the IY forum. :screwy: Noone uses it and whats the freakin' point. :doh:

posted by  DodgeRida67

I think you'll find that the POLITE people do use it, notice that there is atleast two members introducing themselves per day!

As for you Jackson...you just sound like an arrogant w*nker to me, if you dont wanna be nice and introduce yourself, dont, but at the same time, dont come here and get hot headed about it. If you have nothing intelligent to say, dont say anything :fu:

posted by  Cliffy

Jackson (aka Jack-ass),

We prefer to deal with people on here that have some home training and manners. Sounds to me like you are an arrogant know-nothing low class "brotha," (to use your words)... that doesn't have the intelligence to understand the simple request of introducing yourself. None of us come on here because we are paid to do so, therefore, it is nice to know that when you help someone you DON'T know from adam that they will appreciate it. Instead, you come on calling everyone a jackass??? Look into the mirror you dumb ****. You'll see who the jackass is you worthless monkey-ass. Tell you what skippy, why don't you hit google.com up and head on to the next car-forum and good luck finding one as good as ours. If this is the way you carry yourself, I can rest you assured that NO one in here gives a DAMN about you nor your ****ing car problems.

BTW, you MUST be dumb as hell because anyone knowing ANYthing about cars and cooling systems would know that the ONLY drain hose from the firewall is the a/c condensation drain and the other two hoses that GO INTO the firewall connect to the input and output of the heater core. Therefore, coolant coming from this "drain" must be caused by the heater core internally leaking. By the way, there is no "normal way" for coolant to leak when the heater core blows. It all depends on how the heater box is made and where that coolant can leak to, hence, whether it leaks under the carpet and/or out the a/c drain. So coolant is pissing out of your firewall drain and you replace the thermostat??? Oh you are just a genious now aren't you?! If you finally found your own problem... why in the HELL did you come here looking for help in the first place? Why don't you go piss up a rope you worthless asshole. Your attitude sucks and you are clearly one rude m/f'r that deserves NO help from anyone here. Would you carry yourself the same way if you went to a shop and were face to face with a real person rather than online. If so, you deserve to have your face punched in and if that person you talked to like that was me, I would knock you into the middle of next week. :fu: :fu: :fu:

posted by  cmeseadoin



posted by  lectroid

I love it, where do you get all these images? LOL.......that about sums this "jackson shit-for-brains" right up. :thumbs:

posted by  cmeseadoin

Simple, I steal them from anyone I can. :ohcrap: Now I'll have the pic cops after me. :oops:

posted by  lectroid

Yep, they'll be looking for your butt. That be the PIC POOOOLICE! haha. :orglaugh:

posted by  cmeseadoin

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