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Hello I have a question in regards to a cigarette burn. My friend was ashing his cigarette through my sun roof on my 4 runner and he accidently burn the fabric area near the sun roof. Somebody told me the best thing I could do was to paint over the circle of burn, but I'm not sure what other method is best. Anyone have any suggestions or products I can use to cover it up? Thank you.

posted by  andrediar

short of recovering the ceiling with new fabric altogether...:P

well, you say fabric, so i will assume its not a type of vinyl, which would be easier to fix, as they sell vinyl repair kits. you might try looking around/asking at autozone or something to see if they sell any upholstery repair kits..they might.

other than that, i guess just try to hide as best you can, paint might work.

posted by  metallikat

They used to sell a product for fabric upholstry (burn marks, holes, tears) a few years back on tv, however, I am not sure of how well it worked if at all. Plus, it was some sort of mixture you tapped into the fabric. It would be rather hard to do on a interior roof. Google is your friend.

posted by  97Talonchik

look for an upholstery specialist in your city, take it in for an estimate, and they can tell you what they can do, or what you could try...

posted by  dodgerforlife

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