Knocking on slow turns! on my new 2003 Acura EL!

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Hi, I am from Canada... I have recently purchase a new 2003 Acura EL.. the EL only available in Canada... which is share the same body as a CVIC..

I only have the car for 3 weeks and 1500 KM on it! I first notics this KNOCKING when I parking my car... when I backing up into my drive way slowly, as soon as I turn the wheel while moving, I will hear this KNOCK , KNOCK.. it sounded like a "old wooden boat when it rocking".. so I go to a empty parking lot.. release my brake and go all the way to the right then go all the way to the left! and what do you know, the knocking!! It sound only when the car swing from side to side... and it only happen in low speed!! I go through bumps and there is no sound... and if I hold my wheel all the right or left and do a 360 it will have no sound... it only happen when the car (roll) swings to side to side to get this sound... and the car only 3 weeks old... anyone have any idea?? I goin got bring the car into Acura tomorrow.... Thanks for the help!

BTW, here is a picture of my car...

posted by  CL

it's your CV joints, also check your struts.

posted by  skullz

Well, got a car from Acura.. it is the front COILS that making the noise! What wrost is they are in BACK ORDER from Japan.. in could take weeks for it go get here!

Mean while they return the car to me and say it is safe to drive.. but just have to ignor the noise that made when turning!

GREAT! Can't beleive a 3 weeks old Honda could crap out like this!

posted by  CL

what do u expect from the japs i stay with american cars like ford chevy dodge all those.

posted by  nauz13x

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