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Can anyone tell me if its possible to siphon the gas out of a 97 ford taurus? The opening seems small to fit a hose into it.. the hose i ahve wouldnt go down in all the way

Long story cut short.. i bought the car.. got it registered, insured, filled with gas, went to get inspected and it failed miserably, unsafe, cant be inspected

Guy agreed to pay me my money back once i get title back.. noway to stop that, that i know of anyway

Wasted time and $$$.. but thankfully the guy will give money back but not for my gas or wasted notary, tag and title fees

Hey gas aint cheap these days!

How can i get the gas back out? ANyone know?

posted by  cherry

drill a hole and let it pour out? lol...or just beat the hell out of the car to burn it

posted by  newyorker

gee thanks! :fu: im bein serious here..!

the guy was tryin to dump the car off on someone knowing its not safe..

people like this are why there is unsafe vehicles on the road..

why should i give him a tank of gas on top of the other costs he caused me? :banghead:

I would think there has to be somethin out there to drain gas out of the newer cars :confused:

posted by  cherry

I believe they sell hose siphon pumps so that you don't use the old hose and mouth sucking technique. It's about $10. They look like this:

posted by  97Talonchik

And I was kidding :fu: . That little tool looks good tho

posted by  newyorker

Hi, If you disconect the fuel line from the engine an push a longer hose on to it ,run it into a can ,than locate the fuel pump relay an unplug it , useing a test light find the hot wire(12 volt) in the fuel pump relay plug, jump it to the fuel pump wire ,that will make the fuel pump run an pump out the gas, BE CAREFUL , have a good day Slimone

posted by  Slimone

lol dont swallow harmful liquids geee u think lol

posted by  81-camaro

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