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I've been working on swapping an engine from one Subaru into another. I can't recall the years of the two, but they're both the same body style and both fit within the 1980-1994 that my manual covers.

I got the first engine out with some effort and blood loss (the thing used to be back east, and is corroded to hell by salt) and am nearly done with taking out the second.

The problem is that the second engine, which is from a slightly newer Subaru, is a Turbo while the first one isn't. My father told me that if the turbo wasn't running, it probably wouldn't be a problem since the car only uses it with really fast acceleration anyway. I noticed that the wiring on the engine might be different, though. Other than that, it looks like it should fit in perfectly and there aren't a whole lot of other differences. The exhaust system's a bit different, but I think I can just take the exhaust system from the second car and put it into the first easily enough.

Will the possible discrepencies in the wiring pose a big problem for me? I think some of the different wiring for the turbo engine is just because of the turbo, but I noticed that the main plugs to the wiring, the large ones just before it goes into the driver's side fender compartment, are different on the two. The turbo has two large plugs of the same size for the engine wiring, while the old engine has one large plug and one small one. Will rewiring be necessary?

posted by  DaTrollMan

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