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Hi, I have a 99 Lincoln Town Car. Like an idiot, I scratched a little bit of paint of my front right bumper by scraping against a cement pole. Above all, I would like to repair the spot where the paint was scraped off. Is there a cheap kit you can buy? I don't want anything that ends up looking horrible. I don't have the money to send it to a shop. If fixing it isn't a good option, I want something to cover it up, some kind of bumper guard or something. Something cheap, and nothing that would damage my car in any way. A chrome accessory would be nice, but is not necessary. Any ideas? Thanks.

posted by  PeteZaHut

If the scrape is very little, I would probably just leave it. Not sure of a chrome accessory, but you can probably obtain a leather "bra" that fits on the front bumper. There is also an option of obtaining a touch-up kit by getting your color code, going to the dealership (amongst other places that have them), and getting that color touch-up kid. It is very cheap but read the instructions before using so that the new touch up matches the old paint exactly.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

Thanks. Since my car is a few years old, do you think the touch-up paint would stand out from the rest of the car?

posted by  PeteZaHut

That is a good question that I am slightly uncomfortable answering since I might mislead you. I would suggest pm'ing ChrisV (there are others, but he's the one that stands out at this time) and asking him that question since I know he is very good with painting cars.

Personally, I think that if you do it right (weather, etc), it will look close enough to the other paint that you can't see it unless you completely stare but I would double check with him just to be sure. Good luck.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

it may. but not very highly

posted by  newyorker

i used a touch up kit this year, on my 96 vw, and the color matched great. the car has just had regular maintance, and good care. you can only tell from up close where it is.

posted by  pocko5000

It all depends on how good you have kept the cars paint. On my prelude this guy didn't really care about the car so the paint had all this dirt embedded in the paint so if your looking for unoticable completely then if you have a day off with nothing to do then you could rub out your car getting out all that excess dirt in the pores of the paint and use a clay bar to make it feel real nice. I haven't done my car all the way yet but i'm getting there and it's looking great.

posted by  Spanky2324

I bought my car used a couple months ago. It had been kept up extremely well by its previous owner. That's one of the reasons I'm mad at myself for wrecking up the paint. I will PM ChrisV. Thanks for your posts, guys.

posted by  PeteZaHut

You can either go to the dealer and get the paint, or go to a good auto parts store and get the correct DupliColor paint in either a brush on or spray on product.

If the scratches are through the point and into the material of the bumper, then you might need to fill and prime the spot first. Sand the affected area with 320 grit paper, use a small amount of glazing putty (avaialble at good auto parts stores) let cure thoroughly, then sand it smooth (start with 120 grit, then hit it with 320 to get rid of thelarger scratches). Mask off the surrounding area, but give enough room to blend the color (try to put the masking tape at natural body lines or panel gaps). Use a small bit of duplicolor primer in a shade close to the original paint (there is white, grey, red oxide, and black) and spray just the small repair area. Let cure, then sand that with 600 grit sandpaper. Then spray lightly the color, blending it into the surrounding bumper. Lastly, spray clear topcoat, blending off even farther out. After this cures, you can LIGHTLY sand it with 1000 grit to get rid of imperfections, and use a rubbing compound to get the gloss up.

If the scratches only go to the clear or paint level, you might be able to get away with rubbing it out, or even just using a little bit of spray color and then buffing it when it cures.

posted by  ChrisV

Thanks for the help. This sounds way too complicated for me to do by myself. I'm sure to mess it up even worse. I guess I'll just have to live with it. I'll try rubbing it out, though, like you said.

posted by  PeteZaHut

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