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Aight hey people!

I am wanting to put on a sunroof..
first question is..
How hard is it?

also, where can I buy one online?

Whats better, Electronic or just the old open it by hand..

Also, I am having a problem with my car.. the Check Engine Light is on..
Welll I took it to AutoZone they do a free diagonositcs on it..

and it was something with the fuel..
he told me the fuel tanks acts as a vaccume, and if their is any pressure being leaked due to a gas cap not being on tight.. or anything like that.. it would cause the light to turn on..

well.. Its not the gas cap.. and I cant think of really anything to do to fix it..
I am thinking of replacing the Fuel Filter, cuz I know for sure that needs to be done.. Just looking for any suggestions on what to do..


posted by  Psywar

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