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Hi. I just bought a 1998 Prelude. It has new tires, but they are M&S tires and are sooooo loud. I assume it's the tires, but when I look at the tread on normal tires it doesn't look THAT different. Why are snow tires so noisy? Also, all the noise comes from the rear, but all 4 tires are the same. My guess is that there is more sound insulation from the front to keep out engine noise. Is that correct or plausible? Last, do FWD cars have more vibration from the front tires? The front tires always seemed to wobble a bit in my Celica GT-S, and now in the Prelude. Thanks for any answers. I looked in a Honda Forum first, but the Admins seemed anal-retentive. I was going to join just to ask how they could possibly have time to police the forum to enforce all the rules...

posted by  oplease19

I'm sure that the people at these other forums you speak of can't be a touch on us, lol. Firstly, although I've never driven on snow tyres, an educated guess would tell me that they'd be noisier due to the amount of tread and overall grip the tyres have (in other words I guess they're more nobbly, lol). Front wheel drive cars shouldn't really suffer vibration from the front end, however I suggest you have the wheel ballance and tracking checked if yours does! As for the noise distribution, I guess that's possible, and theory would suggest you're right...but I've really not given it much thought before :laughing:

Finally, don't buy your tyres from Marks & Spencer....that coul be where the fault lies, lol *knows probably nobody will get his lame pun....*

posted by  Cliffy

Thanks - you may be right about the balancing. As for the noise, the tires aren't all knobby. Here's the tire - it doesn't look much different from a regular tire. So how can they be making so much noise?

posted by  oplease19

I assumed from the post that they were special snow tyres...knobbly ones, lol. I guess the tread pattern could hamper refinement. Out of curiosity, are they rotational tyres? If so, is the direction of rotation the right way round? If not you'll need to swap the tyres from side to side!

posted by  Cliffy

What size is it...if its low profile, they tend to make noise more than higher profile ones will. Also, some tires are just loud.

posted by  newyorker

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