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Help.. Facing potentially expensive repairs on engine oil leak.
Car has 116K miles., runs good. Doesn't burn any oil. But about 4K miles ago, noticed oil drips under engine after driving..started smelling hot oil smell too. Seems to be losing about 1 qt/2K miles.
took her to a local mechanic..DX was a leaking rear main engine seal. (He ckecked all other likely places but the real main was apparently the source.)$500 dollars later after replacement of seal, got car but 1K miles later was still leaking. Mechanic replaced seal again at no add'l charge. 200 miles later, was leaking again, but not quite as bad as before.
Mechanic says that the crankshaft is too worn and that the new seal cannot seat on the crank. Says I need a new crank or else a new short block...Big bucks either way...more than car is worth.
I am wondering is anyone else has had this problem?
Could it be too high engine oil pressure causing the leak?? (I don't have an oil pressure gauge and to my knowledge, the mechanic did not check this.)
Could the crank bearings be too worn, causing a slight wobble in the rotations of the crank?...remember, the engine runs great now, it just leaks some oil.

posted by  JohnP

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