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Hey all,

I have a Toyota Corolla 96 DX that has run into some A/C problems. The blower works fine. When I got it inspected, they told me that I need to change the A/C compressor and gave an estimate of about $1900. I did not know that the compressor is that expensive. I am not in a situation to spend that kinda money. What ya guys suggest? Can i just have em put a used compressor or something?

posted by  indyanguy

http://www.expressautoparts.com/PartSearch/getpart.cfm?year=1996&make=TO&mo del=COR-8-002&category=R&part=A/C%20Compressor

posted by  lectroid

How does an inspection and all of a sudden, oh you need a new a/c compressor at $1900 fit in the same sentence???? They don't inspect a/c compressors when they do an inspection unless they are afraid that an R-12 system may have a leak??? I assume your a/c is not working and you had them look at it? Please make this stuff clear. You said the blower works fine so I take it that the air ain't cold? Have you had the system diagnosed and if so, what was done? A/C being in/op could be MANY things and usually is NOT the compressor unless you are very unlucky. How many miles on this thing?

posted by  cmeseadoin

You can buy "AC recharge" kits or something with a similar name. It should consist of a canister of gas, with a hose and a guage on it. They're usually around 25 dollars or so, and you can get them at any place like wall-mart, autozone, etc. They basically put more freon into your system which should make it colder for a while. Most systems leak out freon slowly, and after several years have low levels of it. Although, this is just a bandaid for a bigger problem, it will make your AC cold for at least a few months.

Good Luck!

posted by  GhettoTaurus

Is it really that hot over there that you absollutelly MUST have A/C? I know if I was lucky enough to have it and it didn't work..I'd just leave it and use the old classic....the windows! lol :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

It gets hot as HELL here, 95-98F on a summer day with humidity about 90%. I NEED A/C when it is like that. Rolling down the windows makes you stick to the seat and sweat like a pig. Unless you like sweaty guys, then you need a/c. :laughing:

One thing about what GHETTOTAURUS said is that those a/c recharge kits are for R-134A systems and the hose connection fits on the HIGH side of the system service port only. Most have a gauge with yellow, red, green and blue on it and they indicate where your system is charged to and where you should be. I happen to think that the gauges are not the most acurate but they do work. If you have a major leak, you will want to fix it first then charge the system after correctly evacuating and pulling a vacuum on it.
If just a small amount has leaked in the course of a summer or something, you may use these to add more refrigerant to the system to top it off. :hi:

posted by  cmeseadoin

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