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Hello Guys,

I need your help! Two weeks ago I purchase a 2001 VW GTI VR6 2.8. Everytime I started the car it made this noise, and ONLY when started, then as far as the car is warm it would not make the noise again ( the sund only stays for onesecond when start the engine). I went to the VW dealer and told me that the Starter is causing the noise. I purchased a remanufactured starter and installed it myself. Now the noise is stronger and it happens everytime i start the car even if warm. I went back to the auto parts store and the guy told me that the starter was not the problems but I needed the starter SHIMS, but he told me that they do not carry it for this car. I went to the dealership and asked them to sell me the shims and told me that there are no such shim for this starter! What is going on here?

PLEASE HELP ME.....Thank you!

posted by  meenxo

wow man they been telling you alot of shit havent they?? figures but hell i really have no clue

posted by  Andrew0261

...and we're so glad you posted to tell us that...:banghead:

posted by  dodger65

And the solution is? Any Clues at least?

posted by  meenxo

im glad to=)

posted by  Andrew0261

describe the noise? an electrical buzzing or something while the starter is engaged? a mechanical noise during starting? if you got a new starter at the parts store, ill assume you gave them the old one for a core exchange..otherwise, id say take the old starter and hook it up to some voltage and see if it makes the noise you were complaining about.

short of taking the new starter out and doing this same test, as long as your vehicle isnt acting up, id say just accept it as part of the personality of your new car. if it aint broke, dont fix it! :thumbs:

posted by  metallikat

That noise is probably caused by the starter trying to engage into the flywheel. Inspect the possibility of some teeth on the flywheel ring gear that are damaged that eventually won't let the starter engage.

If you replaced the why not replace the flywheel as well.

posted by  sam_jade

Because replacing the flywheel requires removing and reinstalling the transaxle or engine and replacing the starter doesn't? Flywheel replacement does not come under the heading of add on job with new starters. :ohcrap:

posted by  vwhobo

Ok, hows about you quit with the dodgy adverts?.....Both you and Alexa (same IP's) will be dealt with shortly!

posted by  Cliffy

Thanks for all of your posts. I ended up buying an original Starter from VW, works fine now!

posted by  meenxo

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