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Hi everyone my name is Ian and im from Nova Scotia on the eaast coast of Canada. I have a 93 ford tempo 6 cylander. I know very little about cars but here is what is happening. There are times for days on edn when the car wont start - all that happens is when i turn the key it will be one click - doesnt even try to turn over or anything. Then out of the blue lets say a week later i will try it again turn the key and it starts fine and then a few days later same problem again.

Some people have told me it is likley the solonoid switch and if i hit the starter with a hammer it should work for a bit. Unfortunatley im really dumb and cant even find the starter. I was just wondering if you guys had any guesses on the problem and maybe a temporary remedy so i can get it too a garage.

Any info would be greatly appreciated - thanks alot


posted by  Grasshopper1917

Unfortunately, I am suffering from the same problem. Although my model 94 Ford Tempo 4 Cyl. I could start it up, go someplace, leave it parked for a few hours and then try to start it, and it won't start. It will turn over. I can hear the fuel pump, but it won't start. The battery is strong. Sometimes, I get lucky and I keep trying and it will eventually start, but not always. If I let it sit longer, sometimes it will start right up, other times it won't. I have had it die once one my while I was pulling out of the bank onto the main road which left me with my nose sticking out in the road. It wouldn't start up again, but when the tow truck came and got it, it started right up. He took it to the mechanic ASE certified, and they never found anything wrong. My Uncle is an experience mechanic too, but he only has a few hunches, such as a weak fuel pump, or something electrical. The electrical deal he suspects due to one of the headlights being out, but when we go over a bump, it will come back on. Could be a poor ground somewhere. Though, I'm hoping that someone else has had this problem before, and can tell me what the real solution is.

posted by  KingKookie

ok, before you go hittin the starter with a hammer, you should check the connections, thats more than likely what it is. and to be hittin the starter witha hammer, thats not the solenoid, thats the brushes sticking in the actual starter motor itself. so, do not listen to these amateurs giving you advice, they clearly dont know what theyre talking about.

your starter is more than likely going to be near the bottom of the engine, towards the back just in front of the transmission. a cable will hooked up to it from the battery. disconnect and clean, ensure the connection is good at the starter. also, make sure your battery terminals are clean and snugly fit the cables.

posted by  metallikat

It could also be that you have a bad neutral safety switch or a bad ignition switch.

posted by  Alexa

Don't listen to this amateur's advice either. Once again, while not entirely wrong it is far from completely correct. Surprise. :doh:

posted by  vwhobo

theres nothing incorrect about what i said there moron. get a f*cking life already, christ..

posted by  metallikat

Well you said you wanted to take it to a garage anyway, why don't you just wait until one of the times it does start up and then take it?

posted by  Mathew

woh, slow down. Hobo just wants ppl who are trying to help to give as much information on the subject as possible so the ppl being helped dont get stuck on one idea and think that's the absolute truth of the matter.

The issue doesnt soud (to me) like a bad connection frome the battery to the starter motor, it sounds like a bad electrical connection from the starter switch (the key). The thing to do first would be to have the vehicle's computor read for DTC's and check if any of those codes will point you in the right direction.

posted by  davsmitty

"Don't listen to this amateur's advice either. Once again, while not entirely wrong it is far from completely correct. Surprise."

i do not see how this is an attempt to help.

and if the problem is intermittent, i doubt its a relay. in my experience, its always been a connection problem with that kind of symptom(s). but aside from that entirely, its the cheapest and easiest thing to check. seems a little smarter to me to check something easy and free, rather than going in and trying to locate the neutral safety switch, or crawling under the dash to check the ignition switch.

and aside from those 2 suggestions, there has yet to be any other suggestions devoted towards diagnosing the problem. i dont see how anyone else here is trying to help. this forum is starting to piss me off, ive never been to one where there were so many dicks.

posted by  metallikat

It's not an attempt to help him, it's an attempt to help everyone by getting you to STFU newb. If you knew as much about cars as you do about bullsh*t you would be a genius.

posted by  vwhobo

Maybe the other forums you go to don't have so many dicks is because they are girlie forums.:laughing:
Which poster are you trying to help? #1 or #2 -They have different starting issues.

posted by  thefonz

Based on the fact that he quoted Grasshopper1917, we should be able to safely assume that is who he was directing his incorrect "advice" to him.

posted by  vwhobo

Yeah you're right. When I was posting about the girlie forum, I looked at all the posts again and didn't catch it since the forum shows from the bottom up instead of from the top down. As the youngins say here "my bad":ohcrap:

posted by  thefonz

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