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I have a basic, automatic transmission Tercel with about 80,000 miles. Every so often, when I accelerate, I hear a loud screeching noise like something is grinding under the hood. The more I accelerate, the faster the grinding noise. I notice this occurs in hot weather. Does anyone know what is causing this and how much it would cost to repair? Thanks.

posted by  Grant


We've got a nice chat forum in here called "introduce yourself." You'll find that people like me are much more willing to assist you if you follow the forum protocol and use it. It's just one of those logistical things where we consider it polite.

Secondly, working on cars when you have them in front of you can be quite a task, yet alone online. Therefore, from your description I could make 100 assumptions about what might be wrong, but from what you've told us about the problem, we have to rely on ESP or some crystal ball to give us the answer. You said screeching and grinding in the same description. Those are two separate adjectives and describe totally different situations. You could have anything from a simple loose fan belt/drive belt to a worn out bearing on some pulley to a seized up a/c compressor causing belt slippage when the clutch engages, etc. You have not told me anything at all that I can really use to determine where the problem it. What have you done to troubleshoot. Are there any lights on the dash and has there been any maintanence done recently? How old is the fan belt and what does the tension look like? Please make sure you compile as much data as possible before typing a posting and make sure that you input all of this into your posting. It makes the whole process more effiencient and easier for those of us with the technical knowledge to possibly help you fix the problem

posted by  cmeseadoin

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