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Hey everyone, just wanted to say hi and ask some questions about my 1996 Honda Accord which was in a recent low flood. The car was running fine yesterday, then we had some heavy rains overnight. Water must have got up to the exhaust pipe since the inside floor of my car is wet, but the seats are not. Car ran fine for 5 minutes today and then it ran weird. It vibrated and popped and sputtered. It had a big loss in power. I had only driven about 1/4 mile and it sputtered and stalled out. I pushed it home (what a workout). I tried to start it 20 minutes later, the check engine light is on. I can drive it up and down the block, but it's not nearly as "smooth" as it was before (you can definitely tell there is something wrong with it). Just curious if some of the parts need to dry before it returns to normal? Or do you think the sputtering means that I need to replace spark plugs, engine oil, transmission fluid, drain the gas tank? Should I just wait a day or two and let everything dry? Would love to know what specifically the steps I should follow, and if any replacement needs to occurr...how much I should expect to spend on each component (parts + labor). You guys are great!! thanks for you help in advance.


posted by  vik1109

Most likely one of two things.

Water in fuel


posted by  DodgeRida67

So does that mean i need to take it to a mechanic? What procedure does the mechanic need to perform and how much will it cost?

Thanks for your help.

posted by  vik1109


There is any number of things that could have happened to your car. We don't really know what level the water got to underneath but I am assuming that if the carpeting got wet, the exhaust, cat converter and o2 sensors were submerged. If that is the case, then it may be the reason that the car is not running correctly now. You said the check engine light is on and this may be because of some short in one of the emmisions sensors that was under water. You may also have something wet under the hood on the bottom of the engine. How long has it now been since the car was under water and is it still running rough? If water was only deep enought to wet the floorpan, your spark plugs and engine would have remained dry because those things are higher up.

One thing YOU WILL have to do if the flooring got wet is to gut the interior. The undercarpet padding will NEVER dry out unless you completely disassemble the interior and pull out the carpet to let it COMPLETELY dry. It will stay wet forever under there, it will sweat and cause mold, mildew and an odor from hell eventually. You'll have to remove the seats and console etc. if it got as wet as it sounds like. I worked on as car one time where the owner had left the windows cracked in a hurrendous downpour and the carpeting was an inch under water. I removed the carpeting and I replaced all the underpadding with 3/4 foam because that underpadding, once wet, it ONE hell of a mess and takes forever to dry out. Water under the carpet in a car is a real issue. Good luck with it.

posted by  cmeseadoin

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