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hi guys scrathing my head here lol i have a 1998 escort zx2 and both signal lights flash really fast like theres a bad bulb all the bubls work but i replaced them anyways and no change any help would be appreciated thanks joe sanders

posted by  joehere1

Any bulbs been replaced? Had this trouble once on another GM car and it turned out to be a double filament bulb not seated in the socket properly thereby also activating the taillight circuit. The contacts on the bulb were across both contacts of the socket. Whenever the directional was on it added the tailights to the load and made it flash faster.

Also...I believe the higher the wattage (sp?) the faster the could also try a lower wattage bulb....???

posted by  BavarianWheels

If the bulbs are installed correctly, I suspect a flasher. On some cars, this is a separate electromechanical flashers for turn signals and hazard flashers located in either the wiring harness under the dash or in the fuse block. On many late model Fords, the trend has been to use either a lighting control module to control all lighting functions or to use an electronic flasher which serves both the hazard and the turn signals.

I think on the 1998 Escort, the electronic flasher is used to control both functions. To test if the a flasher unit, turn on the hazard flashers - they will flash at the same rate as the turn signals. If the electronic flasher unit is bad, it is about $50 $60 at the dealer for the part (the flasher unit) thus it would behoove you to check the bulbs first as BavarianWheels suggests using the bulb specified in the owners book.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

Gosh, now I feel like a freakin caveman :ticking: :cry:

posted by  lectroid

What makes one feel like a cave man is to deal with a 1998 + Crown Vic with the integrated lighting control module - all functions handled by this gizmo including interior lights, head lights, turn signals, flashers, etc. This module also costs about $300.

I am glad my 92 Crown Vic uses cave man technology - At least some of the parts can be found cheaply @ AutoZone or NAPA

posted by  tbaxleyjr

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