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Hi there! I have a 1995 ford taurus se with a 3.0L engine and auto transmission. The wipers will not park at the bottom of the windshield anymore, but at the top position. My husband says it needs a wiper motor and he has gotten one for it. The problem is that it has been sitting on the shelf for the last 2 1/2 months. I have been after him for a while to get it put in, but he never does. Says if I need it that bad, I should learn how to do it myself. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to install this thing? I would really appreciate someone's help on this, not to mention how far my husband's jaw will drop if I actually get it done!
Thanks so much!

posted by  christina_roth

Hi! It sounds to me like it's the park switch, which should within the motor anyway, if you're sure that's the problem, read on...The wiper motor is usually underneath some plastic casing directly under, or atleast near, the wipers themselves. First you have to remove this casing, which if my memory serves me, can be removed wityh a philips (cross head) screw driver, once removed, the wiper motor should be visible. Now it might be quite tricky as I'm not sure about the actual setup (I'm talking on general terms). but usually the bults securing the unit are annoyingly well hidden, it normally requires a 10mm socket on an extention bar and a ratchet to get it off. Click Here ( to view a picture that I found on Google, just so you know roughly what you're looking at. Also, if the wipers are attatched to the motor itself, which from the pic, doesnt look likely, be careful as things like this have the tendency to break lol, and remember to line them up correctly afterwards! If you are apprehensive about doing this, take the car to a garage!

Good luck

posted by  Cliffy has linke to on line repair manuals for many cars which will help. Places like Autozone, NAPA, and other autoparts houses have Haynes and Chiltons manuals for your car for about $15. These manuals targeted towards DIY's (Do it Yourself) are straight forward and usually have lots of pictures. If you are ending up working on the cars, one of these is a good investment. After replacing the motor (or this may fix the problem on your existing one) wiper arms will need to be set where they actually park in park position. This procedure was copied from


1. With the arm and blade assemblies removed from the pivot shafts, turn on the wiper switch and allow the motor to move the pivot shaft three or four cycles, then turn the wiper switch off. This will place the pivot shafts in the park position.
2. Install the arm and blade assemblies on the pivot shafts to the correct distance between the windshield lower molding or weatherstrip and the blade saddle centerline.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

Looking at the original problem "The wipers will not park at the bottom of the windshield anymore, but at the top position." and the procedure for parking the wipers, it may be that you only have to follow the parking procedure and you may be good to go without having to replace the motor.

To do that, all you would have to do is to disconnect the linkage ( arm and blade assemblies ) from the wiper motor, run the wiper motor the "three or four cycles" and then re-install the linkages.

If that doesn't take care of your problem then you will have to remove the wiper motor which may even be easier than disconnecting the linkages. (depends on your system).

Good luck.

posted by  theman352001

Many cars have an intermittent wiper motor module that plugs into the harness under the dash and controls the intermittent wiper functions and/or parking capability. You might want to double check this diagnosis as the motor because I am not convinced you have a bad motor. You might, but you might be throwing costly parts on the car and then come to find out it was not the problem.

The motors are located either under the hood on the firewall or they are down in the COWL induction area which requires the top plastic fashia to come out. In order to do this, the wiper arms have to come off of the splines drivers. Others have already basically given you guidance on how to remove that, you'll just have to look at it and start playing with what unscrews where for that assembly to come out. I would HIGHLY recommend you have the problem diagnosed correctly first because not only might you be throwing parts at the car for no may end up taking the car apart only to waist your time replacing a good part with another good or maybe bad part. Proper diagnosis is key.

posted by  cmeseadoin

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