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Hi all ~ as I said in my intro I am pretty clueless so please forgive me in advance. :oops: I have a 2001 Dodge Intrepid 6 cylinder. In February I took it to the dealer , it was leaking transmission fluid. They replaced the front pump said something about it being porous. Covered under extended warranty, had to pay $100 deductible. So about three weeks ago it started slipping but only when I first started the car. Fluid level was ok. Took it back to the dealer, they hooked up to the machine said it was an internal problem. As per their report: "lowered pan, found debris and bushing material, possibly from torque converter. replaced torque converter and front pump due to loss of prime." Also covered under extended warranty but had to pay another $100 deductible. Now my questions ~ should the second problem have been found the first time around? And if not, could it have been their mistake since they had to replace the front pump again? I am trying to get my second $100 back. Thank you for your patience and any help you can offer.
Maggie :confused:

posted by  tippyash

Contact the Dodge customer assistance center( should be in your owners manual) if you can get no satisfaction, tell them you will call the dispute settlement board. They mediate customer diputes on merit and warranty/ lemon concerns. Don't know how much spare time you have, but I would just threaten the dealer with the above information, A 100 BUCKS? :doh:

posted by  lectroid

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