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Hi, I think I introduced myself correctly, but not sure. I'm new to the car forum. I have a 95 Buick Lesabre Custom, 3800 engine, automatic with 138k+. Sometimes it doesn't start. Just turns over and over. If I keep turning it over, like about 10-15 tiimes, it will start. It does this on short trips only. If I drive to the store and run in for 10 minutes or so, it won't start. I have had the the basic tune-up and fuel filter changed but it did the same thing just a few hours later. I have not had it hooked up to a computer yet. I have been putting fuel injector cleaner in it pretty religiously for a few months. I have to take it in this week because now it will stall out on me sometimes at lights and then I go through the 10-15 turnovers before it starts again. Engine light comes on, but if I turn it off and back on again right away, engine light goes off. I need some suggestions as to what I should tell the mechanic when I take it in. I don't have a regular mechanic. I was going to take it into Kwik Kar tune up place. Thanks for any help in advance.

posted by  iwantmydaddy

LOL, It's ok, I already started to help you in the other section now. If a mod sees it fit, he can move the whole thread over here, no need for you to copy/paste it over!

posted by  Cliffy

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