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I have a '94 Honda Civic ex, 193k, 4cyl. 5 speed manual transmission.

Just got back into town after 4 days and my car won't start this morning. The car sat for 4 days without running. The battery seems fine as the engine seems to be cranking it just won't "ignite" for lack of a better word.
Gas tank is full and no recent repairs have taken place.

The outside temp did not get below 50 degrees but we did get a ton of rain while I was gone.

The car has run great so far. I'm the second owner and have put over 100k on it and keep up with all the routine maintenance.

It is still early in the process, just trying to get a few ideas of where to start. In my average car-related knowledge it seems as if the fuel is just not getting where it needs to go.


posted by  buckeyefan

Check if it's getting fuel...
Check for ignition...

Generally speaking, you can check if you have fuel by a valve, just like one on a tire for air, on the fuel rail.

To check to spark just pull off a spark plug wire off a spark plug and hold it about 1/2 inch from the block and have someone crank the engine and see if you get a spark

posted by  DodgeRida67

In further expansion to this, I actually recommend a fuel pressure test with the proper gauges and equipment. I am not sure what the spec fuel pressure should be, perhaps someone else does.

You might also note that when checking for spark, you pull off a wire and insert something metal to make contact with the connector down in there and then hold it near the block, AWAY from any fuel leakage from the fuel test,to make sure you have a spark. You will also want to make sure that you are grounded and insulated from this wire when the engine is spun over as there are many 1000's of volts passing through an automotive ignition system. It is not many amps so it wont really injure you but it might knock you down and into the middle of next week should you get zapped. :thumbs:

posted by  cmeseadoin

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