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As many of you know, I've been working on a 1987 Chevrolet Sprint. After deciding that I'd need to replace the Left Outter CV joint, I got to work. After taking the tire off, I found that the Drive Shaft boots were both in shreads dirt and all sorts of nasty shit were all up on the CV Joints. Hopefully this is the root of my problem. I popped the inner CV joint out of the Transmission (I think its the tranny) and tried to remove the outter CV joint from the whole left wheel assembly. It won't budge. I cannot get the outter CV joint off of the whole wheel assembly. So I decided that I have to take the "hat" off the brake assembly..its just as if I were replacing the rotors..problem though is I cannot undue this bolt... it simply will not move! Its the big bolt in the center that has a pin that slids through it..anyone?

posted by  Devon1299

I did a google search and found something similar I'm not working on a porsche, that isnt my car, only a similar picture.. The arrow points to what is holding me up!

posted by  Devon1299

Pull out the cotterpin, remove the nut retainer, spin off the nut, pull the rotor up and down to pop out the outer bearing, pull outer bearing off spindle, pull off rotor.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Thats my problem...i get as far as the cotter pin removal :banghead:

posted by  Devon1299

\Nut retainer? Theres something inside the nut that I can't work out..

posted by  Devon1299

The nut should come off with not tool at all. It should spin off easily enough to use your fingers. If your having trouble then that's really not supposed to happen :ohcrap:

I'll explain what I said before a little more in detail.

Once you remove the cotterpin you then *pull off* the retainer. It is a thin piece of metal that slides over the nut and keeps it from turning (when it cotterpin is inplace) After that, the nut should (with no trouble) spin right off. I really find it hard to believe your having so much trouble with it. Maybe were talking of two different things here.

posted by  DodgeRida67

yes it seems as if I can only get as far as removing the cotter pin, I can't seem to get this retaining nut off, I tried pilers...

posted by  Devon1299

I know this is a long shot but, is there anyway you could post a picture?

posted by  DodgeRida67

We've diagnosed the problem as being a stuck Hub nut. I'm going to put the tire back on tomorrow and try to rachet it off with a pipe extension on the rachet...

posted by  Devon1299

You left this forum once because it was generally agreed that you had absolutely no clue what it was you were talking about. With this series of posts you have only reinforced that fact. Please stop and desist spewing your special form of bullsh*t now.

To paraphrase one of your statements above, 'I really find it hard to believe you know so little about cars but continue to pretend as though you do'. :banghead:

Please disregard the mis-information that DodgeRida67 has provided you with as it has nothing to do with the proceedure you are attempting. I'll assume you're doing this job at home and will give you some instruction on how to do it without pneumatic tools.

1. Before jacking the car, loosen the axle nut with a 30mm socket, breaker bar and probably a cheater pipe. It's should be torqued to 150+ lb/ft so it will be tight.

2. Jack up the car, remove the wheel, disconnect the outer tie-rod end and the ball joint.

3. Swing the strut assembly outboard and push the stub axle through the hub. It might take a good whack with a rubber mallet to get it to move.

4. The only thing left is to pop it out of the transaxle. Two big screwdrivers, one one either side of the inner CV will do the job nicely. Expect to lose a little gear oil.

5. Assembly is the reverse of removal. When you first plug the inner CV into the trans, hold the axle assy straight and give it a shot with the mallet to make sure the lock ring is seated in the side gear. Ensure the axle nut is good and tight, check the trans fluid level.

Good luck, even if this is your first one it shouldn't take more than an hour.

posted by  vwhobo

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