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Hey, I have a 1999 Civic Coupe and I am putting in a new set of headlight housings. I was looking at it and it there are 2 brackets holding them in on top that I can get to, but there is a third bracket that is on the outer edge of the housing that I can't get to. It looks like i would need to take off the front bumper and maybe the front fender. Does anyone know how to replace the housing and if so, please help me? Thanks.

posted by  heaton3000

It is possible to squeez these lights out with the bumper on but i wouldnt recomend doing it this way.It will damage youre front bumpers paint!!!
So start by takingthe grill shell out and then unbolt the bumper have a freind help u when removing bumper set it aside carefully. now you should see the remaning brackt that is hiden by the bumper..they are 4bolts to unbolt for one headlamp assembly. Clean all of the bolts if u are to reuse them..install the new headlamps adjust them then install the bumper and grill shell..

posted by  99hatch

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