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Hello, I'm a mechanic in Brazil and I'm having hard trouble with a Taurus 97.
After a 2 hour trip, the low coolant and seat belt lights stay on and sometimes the sound of the radio disapears but the radio stays on.What do I have to check? What do I have to know about the circuit of control panel?
I have OTC scanner updated to 2003 (is this a help?).
Any help will be very appreciated, thanks

posted by  josmar

I seriously doubt that your Genisys will be of any help with your dilemma. That being said it never hurts to pull codes and check the datastream, you might get lucky.

From the brief description you gave, the first thing I would do is check under the dash for loose grounds. If it takes two hours of driving for the symptoms to surface you may be in an uphill battle trying to find the problem. I've never seen this one before. Good luck.

posted by  vwhobo

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