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Ok, well Im reaaallly new to the gearhead scene, but i lvoe muscle cars, and now that I have my own im gunna be working on it as much as i can with as much money as I can manage to get for it.

The first thing I decided to do was completely clean the engine bay, but first things first, I wanna take the hood completely off and lay it aside while I clean. Anyways i took a peek at the hood latchs late last night (im at school now) but didnt have time to get it off.

Whats the proper way to remove/ put back on the hood from my car? the hood is pretty hefty also, do u think I can manage to get it off and carry it without droppin it?

posted by  ViolentJ

I'm assuming you mean your Nova is a muscle car body, which means that hood is big, like ya said. I'd suggest getting a buddy to grab one side and you the other and pull it straight out rather than trying yourself. Other than that I've never really looked at the latches on a Nova hood, but I'm sure someone else can point ya in the right direction, although I'd say most latches from that eraare pretty similar and it shouldn't be too tough to take off. Good luck, and you are lucky to even have a nice Nova muscle car, wish I did :jealous:

posted by  Flame Roller

Pulling the hood off your Nova is a pretty straight forward proposition, but is does take two or possibly three people depending on your strength and dexterity.

1. Open the hood.

2. Look at where the hinges bolt to the hood. Find a way to mark their positions so you don't realign it when you reinstall it. A magic marker, paint pen or a scribe will do the job.

3. First loosen all the hinge to hood bolts on both sides. If I remember correctly there are only two bolts on each side. Do not remove them yet.

4. Removal. You get on one side and get your buddy on the other. While supporting the forward end of the hood with one hand, remove the bolts with the other. When the bolts are removed simply grab the hood with both hands and take it away. Simple, huh?

posted by  vwhobo

thanks guys! hoods comin off 2morrow morning.. Getting a complete carb rebuild, headers and a custom built 'straight through' exhaust with 2 flowmaster 40 series.

posted by  ViolentJ

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