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96 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cierra Car has 125,000 miles. Engine has 70,000 miles on it. It has a V6.

Nov 2nd, 2006 I woke up and went to start my car and it would turn over and die after idleing for 10 seconds. If I put my foot on the gas to catch it to keep it running it would die right then and there. I took it to a shop and they couldn't figure it out

With all hope lost, I started looking to buy a new car.

Two weeks went by. It was now the 18th of Nov. I had about had it. :ohcrap: I couldn't find a car nor did mine work. So I said to my friends. "Well I'm going for a drive" they all laughed. I went out and started my car right up! :thumbs: Of course I was happy. And noone could tell me what had happened. So I drove my car everyday after that with out trouble.

Its Dec 8th 2006 now. And it did it again. I was coming home from work and everytime I turned on a different street the car would just shut off. I'd throw it in N and it would start right back up. 7 times before I got home it did this. Now that it got me home it won't even start. :banghead:

So can anyone out there help me with this? Whats going on with the car?

It has a full tank of gas. It had a full tune-up a year ago. I need an oil change (I'm over 100 miles). Everyone that looked at it said it was good. Oh I just change the 3 coil packs on it. Still Nothing.:guns:

posted by  hiyoudidyoumiss

when it does the "running for 10 seconds" thing, is the "security" light on on the instrument panel? otherwise, i would probably run it until it gets warm and/or dies, then check the injector resistance. :2cents: ...and which v6 does it have?

posted by  dodger65

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