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Hi i own a 1995 Mercury Mysitque 3.3L, basically it has been having hard starts for a while now, and i have tooken it to a mechanic shop at least 20 times now. Everytime they tell me that they took apart a bunch of things and cant seem to find the problem. They said they looked at the sparkplugs all the way to the ignition. When i am trying to start it i have to pump the gas, and press it all the way down to get it to start. In the mornings sometimes it will start then die, once it is started for about 3-5 minutes it is fine..

ANy help will be appreicaited, if you need more details let me know


posted by  vmc2

I almost fell off my chair.

posted by  Mathew

I find it funny that you guys call it a shop in general, let alone a "Mechanic Shop" :laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

Chop Shop is more like it.

There's one mechanics shop in town that was run out of a particularily old building. It now has the words "I quit" spraypainted across one of the windows and the building is half torn apart.

It has been like this for months and months.

The problem is probably fuel related; fuel pump, filter, lines and tank should be checked.

posted by  Gwokable

I was referring to:

posted by  Mathew

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