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The twilight system in my 96 Grand Am is stuck in the "on" position. My lights are on even when the sun shines. Does anyone know what might cause this malfunction?

I don't know if this is related or a separate problem: When the car idles the power dims all lights about 50%, and the system struggles to regain full power without me stepping on the gas pedal. Alternator tested, putting out 14 volts. Do I need a stronger alternator, or do I have other issues? Fuse? Loose wire? Bad ground connection? Bad relay/sensor? Maybe, I should just call in an exhorcist!?

I would greatly appreciate any input. Any suggestions, theories, or advice?

posted by  JnyBGd96

It's not all bad, driving with the lights on during the day, atleast you'll be seen. It'll be the law in a few years (UK only?). Atleast you'll be noticed!

posted by  Cliffy

That's an optimistic spin on the situation, but I have drl's to make sure I am noticed. I just don't see the need to burn by bulbs out in half the time. Besides, I want the twilight system to work like it's suppose to. I am also concerned that this might be caused by a short or other malfunction that will lead to other problems.

I don't need my twilights stuck on to look on the bright side. :doh:
Can anyone enlighten me with some diagnostic or repair suggestions? :heh:

posted by  JnyBGd96

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