Diesel pump leak, fixed now turbo not kicking in?

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I had 3 quotes for my pump leak

£700, £1000, £90

I chose the £90 option, as you would, anyway the guy told me that he needed to change 2 seals on the pump, one of which is the choke seal, and the other I presume is the pump seal.
He changed them and now the Turbo isn't kicking in, lack of power, I went back to him, and he wants nothing to do with it, he told me he only changed the seals and he didn't touch the turbo. I took it to a different place to have a look, he had a quick look, he lifted the seat and pulled the choke to full revs, he also took the pipe off that comes off the pump, when he took the pipe off and rev'd the green turbo light come on at 4 000 revs, I took it for a spin, but the turbo light never came on, I rev'd hard, I got back home rev'd it the same as the guy in the garage did, and again the green light kicked in at 4 000 revs, somethings not right, can anyone help?
Is it possible the seals are the wrong type?

Please let me know, cos I don't fancy forking out a lot of dosh!

Car is a toyota estima, Japenese import.
Automatic transmission

Mechanical skill rating, useless
Jobs done in the last year 11000km done

cambelt change
full service
2 oil changes

Sorry, didn't mean to offend!

posted by  boyd2004


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posted by  vwhobo

I forgot to mention in my original post, its a 2.2 turbo diesel toyota 8 seater mpv.


When I start the engine, both the orange light and green come on the dash, my estima will not hit 4000 revs, it gets to 3000 and changes gear, I just slammed it down the motorway, the turbo light still will not come on.

Also going up hill is a battle, no power, had to manage with 30mph to t5he top of the hill?

So what could it be?
Someone must have some idea!

posted by  boyd2004

Hi, I have an idea as to what the problem might be, are you sure that when you had your seals replaced the Mechanic didn't mess up a little bit causing it to leak diesel? because if you have a slight diesel leak and air is getting into the fuel system it'll seem extreamly gutles..as it would without a Turbo. Does it always start? and does it seem at all lumpy..so to speak? lol :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Thanks for replying

The car at the moment starts first time.

It feels flat as a pancake going up hills.

When it changes gear it seems to take too much time, if it was a manual I would have changed gear before the automatic would have.

Let's pretend there is air in the system, what would cure it?

It might not be the answer, but it's better than no answer, It surely cannot be anything serious as the turbo was functioning properly the day he had it, it is only when he replaced the seals, problems arose

posted by  boyd2004

If there is air in the system..which may have happened during the seal replacment, it can usually be cured by bleeding out the system, this is sometimes done automatically by the car itself. However, if you need to do this manually there is usually a small bleed nipple on either the very top of the engine..(near the glow plugs) or near the fuel filter, this will not be easy to spot though, and if I were you I'd take the car back to the halfwit Mechanic who supposedly repaired the car in the first place and demand he check it for you..Good luck

posted by  Cliffy

Thanks cliffy, Ill check it out tommorow morning, will let you know if it works :thumbs:
If it doesn't "Ill be back"

posted by  boyd2004

You're welcome mate, I'll look forward to hearing if I was wrong or not lol :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Cliffy, that wasn't the problem.
People are baffled, which worries me abit, the gear change is only 1st-3rd (auto), I have an autogear guy looking for me, he told me to look at the potentimeter, I did but couldn't find any problem, he did say the gears where all over the place and that the car wasn't doing stepdown. He can't look at it till at least next friday, what I don't want is a big bill.
The guy who done it doesn't think I need my pump calibrated, he did take the potentiometer off when he was doing the leak, apparentley it must be set at a certain angle?

If anyone has any ideas, just drop a post


posted by  boyd2004

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