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My dad has a 1991 Plymouth Laser RS Turbo that we are going to be holding on to for a few more years. It is a 2.0L 16 valve engine with only 55,800 miles on it. (it sits at the airport) Anyways when she was new, the turbo boosted the HP to 195 and she was real fun to drive. In the past 14 years, she has lost her zip. Turbo gone and all, if she is like the stock 2.0L she puts out 135hp.

I was talking to my dad and we had considered having the turbo replaced, maybe a reman, heck maybe even a new one. I was wondering what else might be done to give here a little more juice. We were prob going to tune up the engine this summer. If anyone has any good sites I can check out for reman turbos, please let me know.


posted by  Voda48

More importantly, why are we starting another thread about exactly the same subject?


posted by  vwhobo

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