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ok im back with another question on this damn car, i followed the directions on the haynes manual and it had me undue the negative battery cable, well the anti theft radio has a code coming up on it. i went looking for the code in the glove compartment but evidentally it was missing along time ago. so i called the dealer and they said there is a six digit number on the radio. after pulling out the radio there is a number on the bottom written in ink 0222210 so im guessing its this but how do i enter it into the radio? would it just be 22221? but that isnt six numbers so any help is appreciated. thank you, adam

posted by  adamc44

You should get atleast 3 goes at entering the number. How much space is there on the display for the digits?

posted by  Cliffy

Trust me on this one. Junk the default radio and buy a nice new one with a removable faceplate. Why?

I know and feel your pain; I had to dissassemble the entire front dash with it's 14 hidden screws on a 90 honda accord THEN deal with the s-shaped bar and it's 2 nuts, plus the housing, to get that SOB apart. No thief in their right mind would go after a honda's audio system unless it was a few grand.

posted by  Gwokable

ya know the more i got to thinkin about it i just took your advice, so i went to crutchfield and bought......

Pioneer DEH-P4800MP CD Receiver 130DEHP480


after 96 positive reviews someone has to be doing something right

posted by  adamc44

Pioneers are good radio's :).

posted by  Gwokable

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