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I am replacing my altenator. I was wonder what the easiest way to get it out? from botton or top? and does anything else have to be removed?

1996 Eclipse GS

posted by  rage


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posted by  vwhobo

WTF? :banghead: Which ever way you find easiest. :hi: This may depend upon your tools and access of a 4-post hoist but just use some good old common sense...! :screwy:

posted by  R34RB30DETTV

I'm trying to take my engine out of my car and put it in another car. How do I do this. :cussing: :cussing: :cussing: :cussing:


posted by  Devon1299

I suggest you cut the car in half, severing as many electrical cables as possible, sever the fuel line while smoking a cigarette, or alternatively cut the fuel line with oxy-acetylene for better effect.. :mrgreen: Then (with the engine running, very important) push the car off a cliff whilst wearing nothing but a pink mini skirt until the engine separates fron the car.. :banghead: next, get your other car and drop the engine into it from a black bird SR-1 (i think thats right... :ohcrap: ) from 42,000 feet and hey presto, your done...! :orglaugh: :thumbs:

posted by  R34RB30DETTV

not knowing what make, model, engine, etc that you are working on, there is no way anyone can help you decide which way is easiest to remove or install an alternator

posted by  tbaxleyjr

I assumed it was the car he mentioned under his question... :thumbs:

posted by  R34RB30DETTV

Will that procedure actually work, have you tried it? :laughing: Ingenuity.

posted by  lectroid

I have not fooled with an Eclipse. Suggest referring to the alternator installation/removal instructions in the repair guide section of

Looking at that site, it looks like it will come out from the bottom and is in a crowded area to get to. The turbo's look a little more challenging than a regular one.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

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