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What better way to start off a monday morning :banghead: I go to get in my 1978 buick lesabre this morning, and I could not get the driver side door to open for anything :cussing: the key would not turn from the outside, so I get in from the passenger door-- the door knob thingy would'nt even pop up when I was pulling on it. It felt almost like it was frozen:doh: but the weather is'nt cold enough for that. I mean that thing would not budge :evil: can anyone help me? :ohcrap:

posted by  buick1978

Strange, I had a similar problem with my car this morning, lol. Has the lock become increasingly more difficult to turn? Or did this happen suddenly?

posted by  Cliffy

Hi there,
Just a quick question ... I have exactly the same problem.
My 106 drivers door will not open with central locking or directly with key .. so I have to climb in and out of the passenger side.
I have tried spraying where I can with WD40 and pushing, pulling and thumping the door ... but no luck
Did you manage to resolve your problem / If so ... how ??

posted by  gadgetman

If the lock isn't working, it's most likely the electric lock actuator. If the lock works fine but neither interior or exterior handles won't open the door,then most likely the door latch is at fault.

posted by  thefonz

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