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I drive a 1986 Toyota GT and my head gasket has just blown for the second time in this car's 155,000 history (apparently that a week spot in this car's engine), so rather than replacing and fearing the stupid thing will go again, I've decided to go ahead and do something I kind of wanted to do anyway. That right, you guessed it, I want to replace my stock 2S-E engine with a 3S-GTE instead. Now I have a few questions about this swap before I start making any hard core decisions and so I can arm myself with knowledge when I start calling mechanics. The first one regards the transmission. Would I be able to use my original (manual) transmission, assuming I replaced my clutch? If not, I know I could readily obtain a AWD drive transmission that goes with the engine but would this work with my FWD car? Also, even if I could use my old transmission, would it hold up to the pounding of a turbo? Is there a particular transmission I should be looking into? Now, I was also wondering if I would in fact have to replace my exhaust with a custom exhaust---anyone know? And lastly, (I'm Sure your sick of my questions by now) would a right hand drive wiring harness work for a left hand drive car?

Thanks for your attention! I know there's a lot here but if anyone can tell me anything I would really appreciate it. I'm just making sure I know what's going on here before I actually pony up the money for getting this done, as this is a big commitment.


posted by  NotoriousScrat

Tried Toymods?

posted by  Wally

No. Do explain.

Edit: Looked it up. Great idea. Thanks for the tip!

posted by  NotoriousScrat

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