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Have 1992 Chevy Cavalier. Has run great till a couple of months ago. Car started running rough when first started then smoothed out after about 2-3 min. Then I go to start a day later and it wouldn't start. First impressions were the timing had jumped. Turns over and hits like it's going to start then it dies or just goes back to tring to start. Replaced timing chain and to no avail it still does it. Have talked to several ppl and they all say the same dang thing. Could be anything. :cussing: Not much help. I have checked the compression, fireing, spark, and fuel. All check out. Computer, or a sensor? If sensor what and where.? Any help would be GREATLY appreactied. :smoke: Oh yeah might help, it a 2.2.

posted by  Fireman31

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